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I recently got a CPAP machine, and I am using the ResMed Swift LT for Her mask. I am getting a rash on my face, blotchy, extremely dry skin, in certain places where the mask materials touch my face. The problem is not due to air flow - I use the humidifier, and no excess air blows on the rash locations. I believe it is due to the mask materials of construction. I am allergic to latex and have very sensitive skin, prone to skin allergies and rashes. Has anyone else experienced a rash from the mask? What did you learn about the cause(s) and solution(s)?

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Another interesting observation that I have is that it appears that most or all who have reported dermatitis with the mask are using a Resmed mask. I notice that my parts are made in China. I wonder if the Chinese factory is using the mold release chemical specified by the company or something else, perhaps less expensive but more likely to cause dermatitis.
I happened on this thread through a Google search. Very interesting, as this is exactly the same thing that I have been experiencing with my new ResMed full face mask.

One thing that I would add, and which I find odd, is that this only started happening to me when I replaced my existing ResMed mask with a new identical model ResMed mask about six months or so ago.

Prior to that, I had worn the same ResMed masks (through several replacements) for a few years with no reaction whatsoever, even when the masks were brand new and had only been washed once. But now this mask is making me break out despite numerous washings.
I called ResMed about this, and they said that they haven't made any changes to how they make their masks. They did ask if I still have the shipping information as it has the Lot #. The container that the mask came in could have caused a difference. But I seriously doubt that.

One thing I did change my routine in was that I started bowling around the same time. So now I make sure that I clean my face completely to get any of the oils and dirt from the bowling lanes off before I sleep.
Well, that's curious because after my post I took one of my older masks apart, removed the silicone part from it and replaced the newer mask's silicone part with the older mask's silicone part. Four days later my rash is almost completely gone.

My older masks never broke me out, and I didn't do anything different with them than I have been doing with my newer mask. I washed them the same way, with the same frequency and with the same products as I was using with my new maks, for example. And I don't think it is coincidence that the rash has gone away at exactly the same time as I made this change because the rash was actually getting considerably worse, not better, right before I replaced the parts.
Thank you MLT for your post and huge hugs to Tanya for her sharing.
Deborah, you may have found sanity for all of us affect.
Years ago, I too developed a rash from the Mask. A call to the CPAP Man, quickly solved the problem. I am allergic to silicone. I now buy GEL masks. There are not many out there and they do not cause ANY skin problems. I have hypersensitive skin and have no issues from gel masks. There are gel masks with a silicone cover, so you have to be careful. I am about to get the Mini-Me gel mask. It is great, tiny and comfortable.
I'm currently researching mask alternatives for my husband as his allergic reaction to his silicone mask is past the point of nasty. The mask provider hasn't seen anything like it before, but haven't been able to help much. Can you tell me where to find a gel mask that isn't made with silicone? Maybe provide a brand name.

He has tried the cotton pads we purchased via the internet, but they didn't work...I think due to his extreme allergy.

This sleep apnea has been life altering in such a negative manner....I would just like my old husband back. Thanks so much for the help. God bless.
I too have had major problems with the mask. I have been using CPAP (and now BIPAP) and all of a sudden after all those years, started having major skin irritations, such as what you describe. I contacted my cpap provider and he really could not care less -- so I bandage my whole face with med. size bandaids covering where mask touches my face, and use that a covering. HOWEVER, in reading a prior post here, someone suggested to go to www.RemZzzs or google it and you will find it. I just now ordered samples to try and I am very encouraged tonight and wanted to pass that on. Perhaps this is the product we need. It acts as a barrier. From a gentleman named Jim Newman -God bless him, hope this helps us both!! Elaine
I just discovered the SleepWeaver Mask. It is all cloth. Really really want to try that!
I am very interested about these gel masks. I have also experienced some problems (contact dermatitis) as a result of my mask, & have tried just about everything--from switching mask brands, trying hybrids, &c.

Does anyone know of any good gel masks that are all gel & not silicone?
Hi...I tried a gel mask and broke out from it also. I'm allergic to latex, and the doctor believes the breaking out is an allergic reaction to the silicone. My nose is itching like crazy. I've only been using CPAP about a month..have had nose pillow, nose mask, and what is called "the elephant trunk"...an all fabric mask. The elephant trunk was the least irritating, but collapses if you sleep on your side (which I do) and caused me to wake often with no air. I've been researching for a couple hours and have found a mask that is made of polyurethane called the "Respironics Profile Lite". I am calling my provider in the morning to order one. I'll let you all know how it works.
Okay...I'm back. Tried the Respironic and have a MAJOR burn like contusion on the top of my nose. It hurts like a burn. I'm back to square one.


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