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I recently got a CPAP machine, and I am using the ResMed Swift LT for Her mask. I am getting a rash on my face, blotchy, extremely dry skin, in certain places where the mask materials touch my face. The problem is not due to air flow - I use the humidifier, and no excess air blows on the rash locations. I believe it is due to the mask materials of construction. I am allergic to latex and have very sensitive skin, prone to skin allergies and rashes. Has anyone else experienced a rash from the mask? What did you learn about the cause(s) and solution(s)?

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Please ask your doctor for an anti-fungal cream.  I think it will answer all your problems.  I spent months looking for alternative masks for my daughter who has Down syndrome and had the same problem with blisters, fissures and horrible redness.,  Anti fungal cleared it in 2 days.
I also have the same mask. Where it touches my skin, makes my nose real red like rudolph. Sounds funny but really it is not. I always clean my mask the way the therapist told me to. I am a very clean person and always keep my face cleansed. I don't put moisturizer on my face at night. For it will make the mask stick to my face more. I don't know what is going on. I believe it has to do with being made in china as well. I know sevaral people that have quit using their machine because it irritates their skin. That is not good either. My skin is very sensitive as well. But they should have something for people with sensitive skin. It is a common thing.
I use Probasics full face mask since last sumer sometime. Before that I used a small over the nose mask, but my mouth got to dry, so I switched to the full face. I got a terrible rash from the new mask. Finally went to a dermatolgist. He said the rash was like poison ivy rash. It weeps and spreads. He put shots in my cheeks and put me on prednesone for a week, plus a cream to apply. It cleared up fast. The supplier told me I should have washed the mask first. Nowhere in the instruction sheet does it tell me that. I never had trouble with the other masks.The supplier did not tell me. I got a new mask last month and forgot to wash it (I am 81 and forgetful) I now have a rash again. I have been putting the cream on, but the rash keeps coming back. I have washed the mask, but this time it doesn't help. I suppose I will have to go back to the derm. dr. again. I e-mailed the Probasics, but got no response yet The supplier did not remind me to wash the mask. I found this web site to check if others were allergic. Aggie
When I got my mask, i did wash mine. I do everyday. But I still have a red face. It is frustrating.
NICU nurses use with babies and wash them with peroxide.
some use baby wash.. do not use dish detergent. on them..
those from China a problem, some spray put in mold to release it.
that is what has to be washed off.. before use.. i stopped using.
reacted to silicone on eyeglasses nose pads.
I don't use dish detergent on my mask. I use soft soap or baby wash. I always wash everything before I use it. Clothes or anything before I wear it. But even if I don't get red skin form it, my skin will still burn when the mask touches it. I can't live with it or without it. Karen
I determined that i am sensitive to silicone itself. avoiding it..
just heard of friend who had terrible problem with breast implants .. and had to remove them for similar reasons.
I was one of the original posters on this thread over a year ago. However, I just realized that I had never shared something that helped my problem - I got the cpap mask wipes that come in the containers that look like baby wipes, and those helped my redness/outbreaks, whereas simply washing my mask with soap and water wasn't doing it for me. Of course, I don't know why or how those things work, and what worked for me may not work for you, but I share this for whatever it is worth.

I just wanted sleep apnea sufferers who have difficulties with their mask to know about the products and the solutions provided at PAD A CHEEK. You can google the name and find the website. We have helped hundreds of people across the world with comfort issues with their CPAP interfaces.  It would be our pleasure to help you sleep better.



You may have a sensitivity to silicone.   See your doctor and rule out an infection first.  If it IS in fact, a response to the silicone, I have the perfect solution. 

My background is that I've been an RN for 24 years (emerg and flight), the better part in education.   While at a national women's show in Toronto, Canada, two years ago,  I came across the most remarkable product.  Its a breathable barrier that rolls on wet and flash dries - looks like a deodorant bottle.... it is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and leaves a clear dry film barrier that protects the skin and holds our own moisture and oils in...It actually creates a physical barrier so NO silicone actually comes in contact with the patients skin, and it keeps the condensation from the CPAP mask out.  Its not a cream or lotion or oil, so its not going to contribute to degradation of the mask.   After 2 seconds, its dry and essentially creates an extra layer of "skin"- allowing broken skin to heal.  I realized this just three weeks ago... I rolled my face and neck with Skincerity (the anti-ageing masque), and then donned by CPAP mask... then sat BOLT UPRIGHT!  I realized after TWO YEARS that this stuff is IDEAL for us - the CPAP users. It doesn't need to be "fitted" and doesn't interfere with the seal one bit.  When I realized that I had the perfect solution in my hand and the industry didn't even know about it, I went on a mission. 

To ensure that I'm being honest and ethical here, you need to know that I am a distributor for Skincerity because I've never seen anything with such a broad application for skin health.    It IS part of my business - but my motivation for contacting you is to "get the word out".   I'm considered a product expert with the company and I just want people to know there is another solution out there that is the perfect solution...  this is not about me building my business.  Its about EVERYONE knowing about this barrier...   in fact, there are very few distributors in the US ... we're running like wildfire in Canada...  I need as much help as possible to help spread the word... because I KNOW this is going to work for the gross majority of CPAP users.  We're using it as its intended purpose as an anti-ageing product, but its also REALLY effective for dry, cracked skin, burns, bites, acne.... and I PERSONALLY know its the perfect barrier under a CPAP mask.  I've been using the same CPAP mask for the past 3 years.... no problems... great sleeps...  I am happy to reply to individual requests for information via private message or email to marybeth@mimed.ca


Just got an email from an RT who was trying Skincerity with a couple of patients - one with a latex allergy and one with excessive sweating.  The roll on protective skin barrier worked for both of them... thought I'd pass that on....




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