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I've not been able to sleep a full night in many years. I had sleep apnea and had the UPPP Surgery back in 2005. My follow up visit with the sleep center said the apnea is gone but now I "sleep with one eye open". Whatever that means. But it's like I usually sleep right around 3.5 to 4 hours at a time. some times I can go right back to sleep, other times I am up for a few minutes to a few hours. I've tried a lot of sleep aides and they get me to sleep but nothing has kept me asleep. I've tried relaxation techniques. yoga. stretching. what have you. I just don't know where to go at this point. Anyone have any suggestions??


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Hi Nicole.
I am not a Doctor, but I do work in the sleep field.
Insomnia is never fun so I feel for you.
Curious, does "My follow up visit with the sleep center said the apnea is gone but now I "sleep with one eye open" mean you had a complete sleep study AFTER the UPPP surgery in 2005?
Maybe you can locate a Sleep physician in your area and start anew?
Statistically, UPPPs work, maybe, 35% of the time...
Yes. I've had two studies. One before the surgery and one after to see if it worked. According to the doctor who did the second study, the apnea was gone. I have a sinking feeling that perhaps my "every 4 hours" waking pattern was because our dog needed to be fed every 4 hours and he would wake me up because I sleep so light some times. The dog and his dad moved out back in October but I am still having the issue. I wonder if the dog has trained me.......so how do I untrain myself? Also, not sure if I mentioned it in the original message, I work 3rd shift. I try to keep the bed room as dark and cool as possible. I have black out shades and Black heavy thermal curtains all the way up to the ceiling.
Hi Nicole,
Just getting in from some travels.
Night shift is tough if not inhumane on people.
Have you been working 3rd shift for long?
Would you say you are by nature a morning person or a night person?
Unfortunately,shift work and insomnia do often accompany one another.
It is the battle of the circadian rhythm (fluctuation of body temperature), homeostatic pressure, and maybe a little entrainment by one lovable(?) dog.
When you wake after the first four hours do you have difficulty falling back to sleep?
3rd shift can be tough for many people... it can impact relationships, cause anxiety and depression,
the sleep deprivation can cause hypersensitivity....
Perhaps, you could talk to a physician who understands the impact of sleep disruption and he/she
could help sort out what would work best for your situation non-medicinal/medicinal.


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