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Normally, I don't have a problem falling asleep, but I normally wake-up between midnight and 1 am, and don't lie awake for some period of time.

I am told that these early morning awakenings can be due to depression. Does anyone know what that really means? So, what actually happens to a person in the middle that would cause you to wake-up? Does the brain stop creating serotonin at night for some reason


I ask because most the anti-depressants operate on serotonin in the brain.



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Before opting to take antidepressants, or when antidepressants are ineffective, ask your doctor to run tests for low testosterone levels and low HGH levels. With mild depression that may not require antidepressants, you could consider taking a human growth hormone supplement like jintropin 100iu.

Restoring human growth hormone levels can help really benefit depression, along with many other benefits such as improving energy levels, improving lean muscle mass, reducing fat stores, improving mental sharpness, raising self esteem, and providing an overall feeling of happiness.

thank you, Arlene

Does HGH require a prescription? Thank you

Yes it is require a prescription.

Where are you from?

I live in the US

Where do you recommend I purchase the product? Thanks for your help! 

It Is ilegal to buy human growth hormone in your country without prescription! Anyway you can found a lot of online shops. But prior to place an order, read carefully the reviews about that site. Good luck!

I personally got hgh for sale from trustable site...but i can write here in open forum, sorry...


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