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Questions and Answers About Sleep

How Much Sleep do you think is enough? Are you getting it?

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I only get about 4 hours at the moment, my sleeping is really poor! 


I don't think anyone really has a sleep disorder/insomnia. Most people that have difficulty sleeping have LIFESTYLE disorders. Correct your poor lifestyle and your sleep problems go away by themselves.

The advice given here today treat the symptoms of not sleepIing well. These "tricks" to get a better night's sleep will come back to haunt you when you have to TRAVEL! No one will give you blackout curtains or unplug all of the electrical devices in the motel room for you. Most likely,  the air conditioner that runs on electricity will be a few feet from your bed. Turn that off and now you lose your temperature control to keep that magic 60-69 degrees going.

Try living a more "NATURAL" lifestyle and you'll find that you really can sleep without doing anything except closing your eyes.


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