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Greater Washington DC Area Support Group for People with Narcolepsy meets Sunday 10/25/09

The third meeting of the People with Narcolepsy & Hypersomnia of the Greater Washington DC Area Support Group will be this coming Sunday, October 25th, 2009.

We especially welcome newcomers to our group! We are a diverse group in our ages, symptom profiles, genders, races, and lifestyles, and we manage to be helpful to one another while also having fun. We also welcome the people who love us PWN&H to join us. Please feel free to invite your parents, spouse, partner, friend, children, etc.

It is possible that someone will come up with an even better place to meet, but it seems likely that we'll be meeting from 2:00-5:00pm (with the option of ordering pizza and having fun even later than that) in a home in Greenbelt, Maryland. Our meeting place is less than three miles from the Washington Metro Green Line end of the line station in Greenbelt. We encourage folks to travel by Metro, and there will be several drivers shuttling people to and from the Metro before and after the meeting.

Please contact SaraiahNaps@gmail.com for the address, directions, to say whether you will be bringing children, and to say whether you'd like a pick-up from the Metro. IF possible, please bring a few dollars to throw into the kitty that pays for babysitting, and hopefully a more central meeting space in the future.

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This is interesting to me. I would like to attend, but must say that I have a combination of sleep problems. That mostly seems to mean that my sleep pattern has nothing in common with normal ones. I stay up too late and get up late and sleep during the day, sometimes.

With all that, I would like to attend the meeting, as long as you understand that it is possible that I will not make it or be late.

If that is OK, please give me the address. If Mapquest is normally accurate to this address, that is all I need since I am driving, not taking metro.

Thanks very much. This sounds like something great.

Bye, Don
Hi Don,
I am SO very sorry that I did not get your late Saturday night message in time to send you the info for the Oct group!! After getting only 2 hrs sleep on Friday night, I slept through all of my alarms this morning (Sunday) until my husband woke me at 1pm, and did not have the chance to check my email at all before the start of the support group meeting this afternoon at 2pm. I am tremendously sorry, as we would have loved to have you join us today.

The good news is that we meet once a month, and will be meeting in November either during the weekend of the 7th or the 14th (I haven't yet found a suitable place for our meeting, and will formally announce it as soon as I track down a good meeting place). It will be a particularly interesting meeting, as we'll be hearing from several people who went to the national narcolepsy patient conference in Florida this weekend.

We absolutely understand that the lives of people with narcolepsy and/or other sleep disorders can be a bit unpredictable (see first paragraph ;-). So, if you come late, we'll be glad to see you! And if you don't manage to make if for any particular meeting, come to the next one. Our meetings have been just fantastic thus far - we have people of all ages, races, lifestyles, and with a whole range of possible narcolepsy symptoms. It is fantastic when we provide each other with information and strategies to solve all sorts of problems that narcolepsy can create. And it's fantastic to come just for the narcolepsy jokes.

Don, and everyone else who might like to join us, please email me at SaraiahNaps@gmail.com. I will immediately add you to our email "mailing list," so that you'll be sure to get all of the "breaking news" on the November and later monthly support group meetings. And for the skeptical - come check us out! I guarrantee that you will feel welcomed, included, and best of all, understood. You might learn something super useful. Plus, there are the jokes. It's the first time I've ever told a narcolepsy joke and found the people around me...actually laughing! And to think I was wasting all that good comedy on people without narcolepsy all this time.



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