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Questions and Answers About Sleep

In our busy lives, so many of us struggle to fall asleep as our minds cannot be still, even though our bodies might. We look for instant solutions to problems and sleep is no different. A pill, a machine, a device, aromatherapy, a new pillow.....the list goes on. Whilst many such mechanisms can be effective, often one of the best solutions lies within us. Stilling the mind - whatever the time of day - can lead to calmness, clarity and can often can be a great precursor to sleep. The catch? We have to participate in the process to slow things down mentally.....its not like just popping a pill. When we go to gym, the weights dont lift themselves - you have to do the lifting - and usually you feel better for it. Sleep can be the same....actively participate in stilling your mind and whether you fall asleep or not, at least you will feel better for it. If you are willing to try it, Juhi Singh an acupuncturist and yoga instructor provides you with the gentle meditation to follow to help you get there. Before you reach for the next pill why not try and recover your sleep rhythms naturally. Her gentle approach to insomnia can be found at www.sleepuntiltomorrow.com

Good luck and goodnight!

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