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Hi everyone
Any input very much appreciated. My husband of 10 years has struggled with getting a good nights sleep since childhood. He is very sensitive to noise and finds it hard to switch off in the evenings. He is naturally an night owl. Trouble is his new job requires that he starts at 8am and its really, really hard for him to wake up in the mornings - to make things worse we have nosy neighbours so when he does get off to sleep he is eally distrubed by them.

He says he wakes up feeling numb and very woolly headed and it takes him a good hour or so to wake up - he operates in slow motion then has to dash out the door at the last minute. He hardly ever makes it to work on time and i'm worried he might lose his job over it. This would be such a waste as he is really good at his work ( IT programming) and often works late into the night more than making up his time.

I try to do everything I can to make things better - encourage him not to work late, to come to bed on time, harrass him to wake up in the morning, pull his covers off, give him coffee and have his breakfast, work clothes ready for him but nothing seems to work - we just get grumpy and mad with one another and the problem continues...

Is there anything he can do/ take - hypnotism, counseling, non addictive medication that could help him? Is there a way I coudl support him more effectively?

We are expecting our first child next month so we really need to sort something out soon as I may have reduced resources to help him with a new baby so I need find an effective option

With thanks


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How has it gone thus far?

I have almost the same situation as your husband. I used to go to bed whenever A.M. in the mornings and I recently tried to changes things as to become a morning person. What a mistake on my part, now I am doing 24hrs + without sleep. I really hate this and wish I could just make it like it was.

I too cant stand to hear any noise when I am attemting to get some sleep. I found that if I do a lot of laborous work I will tend to sleep better once I am able to make it until evening(10/11) before going to bed. I dont have that to do often so it is difficult to maintain that routine.

I want to incoperate a workout routine in my day but now that it so cold that also is difficult to maintain.

Sorry about the lack of solid help


Hi. Its great you are really trying him. So here are some suggestions:
1. Setup some groundrules about working late. Work-life balance is really important; tell him he can be more effective if he gets a fresh start.
2. Many IT companies allow you to work from home (e.g., tele-commute).
3. As far as noise goes, invest in a white-noise generator. A cheap version is a fan; you'd be amazed at how much noise it neutralizes.
4. Invest in really good pillows. I recommend Martha Stewart Grandfather feather pillows at KMART.
hope this helps,
Unfortunately I have the same problems your husband has. I am also a night owl and it is very hard for me to get up early. I always try to go to bed as early as possible but most of the times this does not work. I can imagine that it is very difficult in the morning because you are both grumpy. I think the suggestions NS made are very good. I will definitely give some of them a try.


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