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issues with sleep and sadnees? i am concerned and looking for a answer

I am having trouble sleeping, its not a 1 or 2 day thing but more like going on 4 years now. I been getting on average of 6 to 7 hours in the first year. 5 to 6 in the second and 3rd year, now in this year i been averaging around 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night and on some days not even that. I have a un-explainable sadness as well. I am a very confident person, very rational, I am attractive. I never seek attention nor want any (have always found a solution to all my own problems before this 1) and am willing to always listen to others and help them solve there problems. I really do not have any problems to say in life, I make decent money, the job has some stress but nothing more than any other job in life should have. I have a loving wife and a son to whom i would do anything for. I have really dark circles under my eyes and have had them since i was young (I remember them when I was 8 years old, they have never gone away, even with a good diet and taking plenty of iron supplements.) not sure if they play a part in this but thought I should mention it. I am very healthy and take no drugs but I am a smoker going on 10 years now. Been considering quitting but I am more concern with resolving this sleeping issue and sadness issue first. I am trying to think about anything that may be related to this issue since the sleep issue started. is seems that the sleep issue and sadness issue are connected, I can remember both for the past 4 years now, yet i can not remember anything *tragic or remarkable* that happened when this whole problem started. I have tried a number of thing to resolve the issue myself short of taking drugs to solve the problem. So far the best explanation i have for this after deep thought in the matter is that i moved away from my friends and family 9 years ago along with not keeping in touch, also I have a daughter i have not seen in over 6 years and *maybe* somehow that is effecting me, other than that i can not find a physical or mental condition that i may have that explains it. I am out of ideas and now am seeking advice before it gets any worst. Has anyone seen anything like this before and may have a solution that may be of use to me. I understand not all people are alike and not all solutions can be solved with one idea but i am very open to suggestions at this point. Thank you for your time

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I have tried every prescription product on the market for insomnia and none of them worked; my cousin referred me to the web site narcomundo.com there I purchased a package of Somatize. I tried one serving and I was a sleep in 20 minutes and after using it for 3 nights I did not need it anymore. I am not joking!
You've gotten alot of feedback now. I hope somethings is helping you. In case it's not, let me add a piece. The way you describe yourself (high functioning, etc.), it makes me think you have the wrong idea about low level depression. Highly functioning people can and do have low levels of depression. Most people think that all depression result in poor functioning. It is only that "experience" of I can't get out of bed in the morning, that folks use to rule out mild dperession. If nothing is helping you, I'd reconsider a mild anti-depressant and discuss it with a doc. Along with the things others are asking you to consider, a mild depression does impact one's ability to fall asleep, stay asleep and sleep straight thru until morning. Best of luck.
It's kind of like what my former neurologist said to me, when at the ripe old age of 14, my mother took me to see her regarding chronic tension/migraine headaches. She wanted me to try, at one point, a tricyclic antidepressant. I was having headaches since I was in 2nd grade! She said that some doctors felt low doses seemed to have some chemical reaction in the brain, that prevented migraines (reported by people who had been take medication for depression and noticed their headaches stopped!)...She said something that made me feel less freak like..."obviously this isn't a high enough dose for depression relief..." but Personally (This again, was the doctor speaking) I can't see how anyone who has head pain on a regular basis wouldn't be depressed!) Same goes with sleep! (or lack of, or whatever eleep disturbance someone might have.. I used to have to take the redeye all the time back from Los Angeles to the East Coast. EVERYONE WAS ASLEEP...I could sleep on short day flights...but on those long overnight flights, with people snoring around me, I was staring out the window, wondering...What city is that below? (the crew were always quiet on those flights, and sometimes wouldn't even show the movie, because they just assumed EVERYONE WAS ASLEEP! Naturally I'd be a zombie when we'd land...(Great to drive when you're a zombie -- NOT!)


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