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my dog has seizurelike episodes during his sleep. He has done this twice in the past 2 months and he is 5 years old. He urinates when he goes into this seizure and doesn't have control of his legs. His movements are like a paddle or like he is trying to fight something off. He is a Shitzu dog. He doesn't have an appetite when he comes out of the seizure. He is exhausted. Since he has done this a couple of times and his blood work is normal and only when he is asleep, I don't think this is a normal seizure but some kind of disorder. I don't want to dope him up all the time when I think something else is causing this. Please help.

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You might try a holistic veterinarian for a different take on the situation. There are many that combine traditional with holistic practices.
my dog has the same condition. he started his first seizure only yesterday and had another one again today. he also had his episodes during his sleep. did you find out what's wrong with your dog? did you bring him to a vet? i might bring my dog to a vet tomorrow for a blood test and see what's going on. it hurts me to see him like this 2 days in a row. hope it doesn't occur again tomorrow. please let me know if you found out something. thanks and hope your dog is fine too. cheers.
I took him to the hospital the first time he had a seizure and his vitals were normal by the time I got there. The only thing we can figure, he received a pill to calm him the day before. The pill did not calm him only made him more aggressive. He took the pill to get his hair cut and ride in the car. The dr. had prescribed. I threw the pills away and don't remember the name but it is what vets prescribe for calming animals.
I have a chihuahua cross maltese, he is 9 years old and has had seizures since he was approx 1 year old, earlier when he was younger he had, had an accident in my garden where as he ran into a rose bush and a thorn pierced his eye, I took him to a vet and they sent me home with some ointment and antibiotics, but not until after the vet and I had, had an argument about the cause of the eye injury, he said it was caused by a cat, but my cat was like a ragdoll and would never even SHOW his nails...yet I had at the time lots of rose bushes in the yard (all the nasty roses bushes where removed immediately after) I can only guess as to whether this is even the cause anyway.....anyways continuing on......Casper my dog would only have the seizures when he was either asleep or had just woken up, its something I have simply lived with and now lately he wakes me up groaning as he starts shaking, this then progresses sometimes to a full blown seizure where his legs lock up under him and stretch out, then his whole body rocks from side to side with his face pushed down at an unnatural angle...its pretty scary, but I do advise others not to try and restrain or pick up any dog during these episodes as they can make the dogs seizures more prolonged, this I have found from experience with my dog, I simply make sure that my dog is safe and observe him all the while talking to him and stroking his fur.

The middle of the nights when it happens can be tiring, lucky he doesn't have them too often, sometimes going without an episode for months, over the years I have found that certain foods are a trigger, anything with chemicals, gravys are the worst, I keep him clear of anything with gravy, some sausages can cause them as well, its really trial and error, I have to advise if a dog suddenly starts having a seizure look first into a: have they eaten anything new? been in contact with any pesticides? has anyone new fed them recently? b: has the dog recently had an accident? if yes look into this further.

I hope my experience help's someone with there pet :)



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