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i am just wondering is there anyone else out there who deals reality vs. a dream , there are times that i wake up out of a nap and i have lost track of time , there are times when i wake up and think that i'm back in high school, and even living back home with my mom. Am i weird or is this normal or what.

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Sometimes if I've been having really vivid dreams when I wake up and sometimes even later I often have to reiterate to myself that "nope, just dreaming again"!
when did you find out that you had narcolepsy, it is for me like the weirdest thing trying too talk too people about it because they just don't get it , i truly believe they think i am a weird do or something. I can remeber as far back as like 6th/7th grade having by body just totally relax when i would laugh or something, and i have been living with it for a long time not knowing what it was going thru school and being portrayed as lazy , stupid etc. i just could'nt get it together my mom would buy all these over the counter remedies "no doz", etc, whatever she could find that would "keep you alert", I didn't make it thru college even with tutors for most classes, funny how you may know the work but if you are sleep during the test, or even doing the test while sleeping the results are not pleasant, but i finally found out about 10 years ago while pregnant with my first child. Here i am 10 years later taking dexedrine and more in control of it but still find myself having to distinguish between reality and a dream. thanks for replying
I was diagnosed at age 15; roughly 30 yrs. ago now. At the time I was the youngest diagnosed case in Canada. Lucky to be diagnosed quickly but became an angry teen which took many years to get past. I would have also struggled with many of the same stereotypes as you did. In school despite dexadrine I slept through classes, sometimes waking after the bell went with different students surrounding me; teacher wouldn't even bother to wake me. There was however a home ec teacher that also had narcolepsy, we spoke a few times but never really had any connection (I was too much of a rebel!). I do know that she had the same stigma but in reverse; her students thought she was the "looney"! With regard to the "dream" thing and cataplexy, I take clomipramine for that and have since the beginning. I've tried different meds but have always gone back as that's what works best for me. I recently started Zyrem and have started sleeping at night which after 20 yrs. of never sleeping in more than 2-5 hr. chunks(mostly 2) is pretty incredible (I no longer know all the infomercials!). I'm not "the NEW SUPERPERSON" it was suggested I might be but I'm not as easily stressed out. Are you seeing a specialist? I no longer use dexedrine, frankly the long term side effects were worse than the induced "speedy gonzales that occured (what I call ROT GUT for one). I use coffee as a stimulant; for me it just works the best. There is another one that people have been successful with (I believe its called modafanil); you should check it out. For cataplexy and the dreaming part though definately ask about SSRI's. Take Care. PS How many kids do you have now?
thanks Jacquelyn for telling me about that Zyrem, a friend of mine just sent me some information about it and i am going to contact my docter to see what he thinks, do you take it at night for the effects to woke in the day? How many do you take? what kind of side effects where you having with the dexedrine, because i'm sort of brain blown at times and i don't visit a docter regularly some things that i have noticed may not be just because of my age or hormones. My specialist recently retired so i must go and find out who in the office will be taking over my case , so i truly appreciate the information that you have given me about other options. i have a boy age 10, and a girl age 9 and they are tuned in too what goes on with me, alot a times whrn i am helping them with ther homework i'll just go right off too sleep @ the kitchen table and they'll just leave me there. Or there are times when they can tell that i need a nap and are quick too be the kids of concern and say "mommy you can go take a nap, it's o.k, and when i wake up there doing everything that they know good and well they shouldn't be doing. oh yea, one more question you said you take something for the sleeping part of the narcolepsy and for the cataplexy part? i just take something for my sleeping part i think your cataplexy must have been worse case than mine , i could feel my body going limp doing some emotions but nothing that bending over and composing myself didn't fix, i can remeber being ask " Does your head get heavy when you laugh?" well thanks again
I have had a similar experience. I wake sometimes not remembering where i am and thinking im back at home or not knowing at all where I am. I also fall asleep during movies without realizing im falling asleep then wake up without really realizing i was asleep and dont figure it out till i notice the movie has moved forward about a half hour. Its really frustrating for me to lose track of time without even being aware of it.
That kind of stuff seems to happen to me all the time. I get it during the day with the halucinations and sometimes cannot tell what is real. Also at night Or when waking up I am not sure if my girlfriend actually was just talking to me or if it was in my head.
Hi! This is a normal experience for persons with narcolepsy and some other sleep conditions. I have often experienced this very thing. For some reason, certain times, places and people tend to dominate these experiences. It is not unusual for it to take several moments to fully readjust to "reality" after a REM sleep session. Many tines, I have awakened and been fully cognizant that I just awoke form a dream, yet I remain under certain mis-impressions arising from the dream, for a few moments/minutes. For example, I may be totally oriented to reality, except that I believe I am in my old home town or the house in which I grew up in another state. Or. I believe my parents are in a room down the hall. Or, after having one of my repetitive "back in school" dreams, I start telling myself "I have to find my schedule and start attending class!" before finally saying to myself "Whoa! Hold on! I'm NOT in school....".


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