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I seemed to be sensitive to silicone.  I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a cloth sleep mask to see if I can tolerate it.   Know I need to treat the sleep apnea.  Hope this works. 

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I to have had problems with what smelled like gasoline but the tech insisted I try so I did,well woke up with a asthma attack thank god i had my resue inhaler with me, i use the nasal pillows and has worked for 5 yrs now.dont worry they will find something to help you.but be persistent.good luck.
thanks.. the parachute mask did not work. It leaked all around it. My face, mouth, nose is small.
For now. working on losing weight to improve. I do so much better when I have a vaporizer in my room
over night. My upper respiratory symptoms have lessened by getting off of beta blockers and going to
clonodine instead. Pillows were too large, lost them in bed, got sleep deprived with trying different masks.
Did you try the cloth mask?


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