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I am having a hard time to sleep every night for almost a year now.  Sometimes straight two weeks I have only got 2-3 hours rest at night. This is really a big problem to me especially that I become unhealthy and uneffective to all my work.  I am a housewife but I am a great burden to my husband especially that I failed to do my job as being a wife to him. I took some medical help but still the same after months or week later.  I am tired of taking any pill. Please is there anyone who could suggest me another way to get rid this Insomia to me without taking any pill, please help.
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Sorry to say this but you just may have to take a pill for right now. Who says you can't ever get better? I'm sure no one told you that some day you'll be able to sleep just fine on your own but i'm also sure no one ever said that you cant get better. It's not your fault, nor is it even bad that you may need to take medicine to sleep at night. If you want to sleep, you'll just have to realize that taking a pill to sleep, will help keep your life in tact and you'll feel much more rested. Taking one pill is a lot different than 18 pills... I had to take that many and didnt sleep for 2 months. I bought over 3000$ of cleaning supplies over one ketchup stain. Crazy... You are clinically mentally ill after losing only one week of sleep. You need to see how much taking that pill will outweigh not taking it and not being able to sleep. Maybe you just need an antidepressant or mood stablizor to sleep. Mood medicines aren't because your not behaving right, it gives medicines to work with neurons in your brain that control leisurness and comfort, along with slowing down how fast your neurons react in your brain. It slows them down. Sleep can be both physical, and neurological. Dont be too active before you lay down. That keeps your whole body going. The tv could even keep you awake. Look at everything and if you question what a doctor thinks, ask another, They're there to help, you only have to try to listen and hear them out


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