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Since going on CPAP about 15 years ago, I have been plagued with blocked sinuses that cause indomnia due to the CPAP not being able to provide breathing air.  I have tried Flonase and Nasacort, and Nasanex with minimal effectiveness.  Afrin works OK, but should not be used over a long period of time because it becomes ineffective.

Adding a humidifier helps some, and using excessive abounts of saline nasal spray to flush out my sinuses during the day seems to help some.  If I sit up in bed for about 20 minutes to let my sinuses drain will result in them opening up and I can get back to sleep.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?   What did you do to control this ?

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Let me share a simple technique for controlling and eliminating sinus problems, even the most chronic ones. Practice the Neti technique. It is done using a Neti Pot, a simple vessel available in Walmart, drug stores or on-line. Follow the directions  that come with the vessel. For more information please see this page http://countingbreaths.com/fob/level2/complementary-practices/neti-.... I hope this helps you. 


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