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I have been using a cpap machine for a year now and have started to get a toothache the upper right side of my mouth. It is cold and heat sensitive. Also I have noticed that I 'm clenching my teeth at night. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm going to the dentist tomorrow to see if it is a dental problem or caused by the mask.

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When I had persistent cold or heat sensitivity on a tooth (can't remember which one it was), my dentist finally decided that it was due to a nerve that was dying in the tooth and I ended up having a root canal done on it. It wasn't related to the CPAP - I didn't get it until a few years later.
You may not need to use a CPAP machine, there are alternatives. For more research check out our blog post: http://www.serenocenter.com/blog/post/2010/07/21/cpap-is-it-my-only....

It doesn't hurt to know what your options are.


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