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How has your Sleep Apnea affected hospital visits?

I was reminded of this question this week when I went to have a Colonoscopy. I can only remember from the last one of thes I was drifting to sleep with the "happy juice" - and then they would be yelling at me to wake up. Without my BiPap, my Oxygen level dropped too far during the procedure. So it was - sleep, "WAKE UP", ouchouchouch that hurts, more meds pleasle, sleep, "WAKE UP" and so on.

This time I warned the nurses that happened - and they were able to make a couple of suggestions…


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Popular Snore Aids – Do They Work?

Few medical conditions are as ubiquitous and potentially disastrous as snoring. Nearly half of us snore, and all of us know someone who snores, or have our own amusing snoring anecdotes (“He had to move his tent to the outskirts of the campgrounds because his snoring was so loud, people were reporting a bear loose in the area.”). In truth, snoring is no laughing matter and has been linked to a number of very serious medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and increases in… Continue

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CPAP - Is it my only option?

If you are currently using a CPAP mask, you need no explanation as to

some of its drawbacks—the inconvenience, intrusion on intimacy and

sometimes frequent disruptions to sleep caused by the noise emitted by

the machine. Many patients feel that the CPAP, or Continuous Positive

Airway Pressure mask, is simply replacing one problem (snoring or

obstructive sleep apnea) with another (lifestyle issue created by the

device itself) as the mask doesn’t actually alleviate… Continue

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Technological Advancements in the Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

This blog was originally posted on June 4, 2010 on Sereno's Blog.

How Sereno, the Center for Snoring Solutions, is helping patients utilize advancements in sleep medicine

As featured in…


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6 sleep facts on how lack of sleep can affect your body.

This blog was originally posted on April 28, 2010 by Dr. Matthew Mingrone.

  1. Poor quality of life and Problems in Relationships: Sleep-deprived patients frequently report that their quality of life suffers. People cut back on the activities they enjoy because…

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Lose Weight = No Snoring

Our top three snoring misconceptions for this series:

  1. Snoring doesn't affect me, it just bothers my bedmate.
  2. I don't think a "simple fix" will actually work. And I don't want to change my lifestyle or undergo a painful surgery.
  3. All I need…

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