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his team win the Super Bowl in February

 Four voices more than you can earn it by doing alone four different challenges. This probably Blade & Soul Gold means that fans of Madden NFL 15 can cast five votes in total about any sport they want to cover a blessing game.Voting this year after the first round will end on Monday, May 11 of the players who received the highest number of votes, then goes the final vote last round is not as complicated and as complex as in the first round, as anyone would be able to log on ESPN and vote when the polls opened on Wednesday, May 13th.As who wins the vote, and Smart Money is Rob Gronkowski . After all, with the help of Gronkowskiego his team win the Super Bowl in February, and not only that, he has some extra points with the players Blade And Soul Thanks to his appearance on Conan, who played Blade And Soul before Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks. EA promises to not only cover athlete details of a voice, but also confirmed that the platform Madden NFL 16 will be available when called on August 25 this year. As it turns out, the game will once again title across the GM and the release of PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox BNS Item One.Rob GronkowskiUnfortunately for owners of Wii U, Madden NFL 16 and go to the platform later this year.

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