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Turbinate Coblation – Will it work for me?

When we discuss the various procedures used at Sereno Center to mitigate or eliminate snoring with a patient, we often recommend a combination of procedures to obtain the best possible result. Frequently, this will include a procedure known as Radiofrequency Nasal Turbinate Reduction (RNTR) using Coblation technology.

RNTR involves treating the patient’s nasal airway using coblation radio frequency energy to gently reduce the size of the patient’s enlarged turbinates. Turbinates are balloon shaped fleshy membranes, shaped like a top, located in the nasal airway (see diagram). RNTR allows for substantial improvement in airflow through the nose, resulting in less vibration (which causes snoring), increased energy levels, and possible improvement in sleep apnea as well. RNTR is also highly effective at reducing nasal congestion due to allergies.

This virtually painless, FDA approved procedure is often performed in a single outpatient visit,
in less than 10 minutes, using local anesthetic. There are no known major complications resulting from the treatment. Recovery time is nearly non-existent, and most patients continue on with their day after the procedure.

Side effects are very minimal, and may occasionally include temporary nasal congestion or nose bleed.

The question is: does RNTR work? Read Sereno's blog post about Turbinate Coblation to learn more.

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