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Why Americans are Among the Most Sleepless People in the World

Sleepless in Seattle, and New York and San Francisco...


A recent global survey conducted by the Phillips Center for Health and Well-Being found that Americans are among the world's leaders in sleep deprivation, along with the French and Taiwanese. In fact, New York City was listed as the most sleep-deprived major city in the world.


A majority of Americans reported they don't get enough sleep because they are worried or stressed out, mainly because of finances and the economy. Other reasons for sleep deprivation included staying up late and waking up early, or an actual sleep disorder like insomnia.


These sleepless Americans said not getting adequate rest affected their physical and mental health and even their sex life. Sleep deprivation is not only detrimental to your own health, but also to the safety of others -- forty percent of drivers admitted to having fallen asleep behind the wheel while driving, and fatigue is one of the major causes of road accidents.


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