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issues with sleep and sadnees? i am concerned and looking for a answer

I am having trouble sleeping, its not a 1 or 2 day thing but more like going on 4 years now. I been getting on average of 6 to 7 hours in the first year. 5 to 6 in the second and 3rd year, now in this year i been averaging around 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night and on some days not even that. I have a un-explainable sadness as well. I am a very confident person, very rational, I am attractive. I never seek attention nor want any (have always found a solution to all my own problems before this 1) and am willing to always listen to others and help them solve there problems. I really do not have any problems to say in life, I make decent money, the job has some stress but nothing more than any other job in life should have. I have a loving wife and a son to whom i would do anything for. I have really dark circles under my eyes and have had them since i was young (I remember them when I was 8 years old, they have never gone away, even with a good diet and taking plenty of iron supplements.) not sure if they play a part in this but thought I should mention it. I am very healthy and take no drugs but I am a smoker going on 10 years now. Been considering quitting but I am more concern with resolving this sleeping issue and sadness issue first. I am trying to think about anything that may be related to this issue since the sleep issue started. is seems that the sleep issue and sadness issue are connected, I can remember both for the past 4 years now, yet i can not remember anything *tragic or remarkable* that happened when this whole problem started. I have tried a number of thing to resolve the issue myself short of taking drugs to solve the problem. So far the best explanation i have for this after deep thought in the matter is that i moved away from my friends and family 9 years ago along with not keeping in touch, also I have a daughter i have not seen in over 6 years and *maybe* somehow that is effecting me, other than that i can not find a physical or mental condition that i may have that explains it. I am out of ideas and now am seeking advice before it gets any worst. Has anyone seen anything like this before and may have a solution that may be of use to me. I understand not all people are alike and not all solutions can be solved with one idea but i am very open to suggestions at this point. Thank you for your time

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I am a Coronary Care Registered Nurse, wife, and mother of six children. I work in association with Nuphonics™, a company that offers scientifically designed therapeutic music.

You sound very open to feedback and ideas, so before I tell you about this musical alternative, allow me to share with you my insights as a nurse. My Coronary Care Unit specializes in post-MI care and Open Heart Surgery. I hear from my patients that this addiction is so hard to stop, but fighting for each breath is harder. If you would do anything for your wife and family, then do it NOW and quit smoking before you end up in the ICU! I see so many otherwise "healthy" people who have compromised their very lives with smoking. Struggling for air after a coronary event is more than tragic and is terrifyingly heartbreaking, literally. So QUIT today and life will improve NOW! You are burning your life up, literally, with every cigarette--not to mention subjecting your wife and children to the devastating consequences of secondhand smoke. You can do it with the proper assistance and support!!

When you quit smoking, I would just about guarantee that your sleep would improve and I would hope your sadness would also improve as fatigue and depression are unquestionably related. You should certainly take time with a doctor to rule out any other physical ailments at that point. If, after you quit smoking (because that's your best bet for improvement) and after you counsel with your doctor, you still need help, you could check out our scientifically designed music at www.nuphonics.com. The music offered by Nuphonics™ has rhythmic patterns, musical structure, and frequencies in its design that uniquely enhance the way you function, think, and feel. Our most popular music CD is "Deep Sleep" which increases one's sleep efficiency**. You can view a news report video about our music at--

Our music is offered as a non-invasive approach to wellness and can be used alone or supplemental to other therapies. As a nurse, I believe that music should not be overlooked as a tool for physical and emotional healing.

Currently, our musical selection at Nuphonics™ includes CD's designed specifically for sleep, ADHD, focus issues, meditation, Hospice or illness care, stress "detox", and a child emotional series available on MP3. Upcoming CD's: an exercise musical series and music for depression.

You have many issues going on and you are searching for help. Give yourself credit for your introspection. Counsel with those around you (your wife, your pastor, a counselor at your work) and see a doctor. We do not have a "quitting smoking music CD", but if you have some anxiety issues which are contributing to your addiction, then maybe our "Tranquility" or our "Renewal" CD might help. Our "Child Sleep Series" is really an emotional series. It is available as a MP3. Listen online, when you are ready, and see if you think our music could help you. I wish you well.

If you have questions, you can contact us directly. Go to www.nuphonics.com and go to "about us" and then go to "customer service". An email and phone number is listed.

**Go to http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/13/health/research/13patt.html?em to read an interesting article about the term "sleep efficiency" (and its associations with colds in particular).
when you can't sleep you get depressed. I have had some (ironically) periods of crazy insomnia, and it's awful. I think for me it becomes a very bad cycle. I usually get good old sleeping pills, and reset. It works. You don't have to use them forever, just until you get to sleep for a few nights. You'll feel like a million bucks. But you can't go on with that. I'd do that before anything else, since you can't really think straight. You'll be great once it's over. I know how that feels. When you feel like you are going to get into that bad pattern again, detour it by using a sleeping pill, which, worked like a charm for me. But you need to go with whatever you and a doctor decide.

I would highly recommend having a sleep study done. If anything, it may rule out the possibility of a sleep disorder. Or it may very well be that you are suffering from a sleep disorder. There are many treatments available for sleep disorders now that can really improve quality of life. Again, if it's not a sleep disorder at least having the sleep study done can rule that out for sure. Good luck with everything and let me know if you have any questions about sleep studies or sleep disorders.

On that note, I would add, you might want to start with a complete physical, to rule out any other conditions, and make sure that there isn't something that needs a tune up. (Note, tune up...get it?)
lol tune up. Yea I get it. Still working on the quit smoking thing that was suggested above but wow, its difficult to quit. As to a sleep study i do not know where to begin looking for something such as that in my area, I guess I can look around online to one near my area. As to sleeping pills. I have tried them with limited results, more often than not they work to put me to sleep earlier and longer but the side effects are terrible. The last time I used them I had such a odd reaction to them and just stopped using them all together.(I took them to go to sleep then for some reason the next thing i remember i was sitting in my car getting ready to drive to work. the sudden jump from sleep to being in my car was a bit scary and even harder to explain.) Not to sound like a pain here and I thank you for the advice but i really am not much of a pill popper, even aspirin bugs me.
I have heard about people doing that with drugs like ambien? That's very scary. You are probably right to stop. There's another one, which is way milder, and it's based on melatonin, but by prescription. I don't know the name of it. I have used it, years ago, and I thought it worked great. It gets your sleep hormone going, and resets your sleep clock. It doesn't have any of those effects, and its not addictive. It gets panned by the hardcore people, but I really thought it was a great solution. If you aren't totally off those quick fix things (not that one actually exists)...you may want to ask your doctor about it. I know it doesn't work for everyone. I don't care for aspirin, but I truly loathe tylenol.
I have been looking into something like that(not doctor prescription but something close to it) quite some time back but never tried it out. It was called hp5 or something like that, but i kind of forgot about it. Bring it up now has got me thinking. It was at the health food store and someone kind of pointed it out to me but i shrugged it off due to other ideas i was trying. Thank you for the tip, I am going to consult a doctor as much as I dislike going to the doctor lol and ask him if its right for me or what would he suggest as far as synthetic melatonin products. I am not having any success finding a sleep study locally or in the surrounding area. I will keep looking regardless, I did not sleep much last night and am having trouble now. Just got up (2:30 am) and had to do something other than roll around in bed disturbing my wife, but I am just going to try to force myself to sleep on the couch. Least someone gets to sleep around here. lol good night I hope.
I wish I could remember what that stuff was called. I know it worked better for men, because my ex-boss, and my husband both took it, and it used to knock my husband out. I had it for a while, but you don't need it forever. It is so cool, because you take it at a certain time every night, and it (for me) made you sleepy about 20 minutes later. But it was a normal sleepy feeling. Good luck. You know there are sleep habits to follow, too. I have narcolepsy, so this actually is not a problem I have often. Sleeping is my superpower.
I think you might be referring to Rozerem?
Sorry, Ken but I have to go with the quitting smoking, and getting over your fear of meds issues. I've noticed women are a lot more likely to admit to things like depression or needing help with their "issues". I used to smoke. I tried to quit 3x or more...then I finally did it. I'm competitive by nature, so I just decided (especially after my doctor told me he could hear it in my lungs -- I had been lying to him about smoking since I had started...then...whoops! no more lying, he gave me the usual chronic emphysema, lung cancer scares...I was 22...to me, I felt like, "Me? Never". Went for my teeth cleaning and the technician said she could see signs of staining! UGH! Yes, vanity helped me to quit. And I quit coffee also! Both are stimulants. I couldn't imagine life without them! But guess what? It's great not to be addicted to coffee and I love that I don't have to spend an insane amount of money on smokes. And your life does sound peachy, but frankly, you move away from family and friends and don't keep in touch? What's up with that? I don't know what was going on in your life, but I've lost most of my family to death and dysfunction, and now, especially as holidays approach, I'd do ANYTHING (practically) to get my deceased family members back. And the friends who didn't stay in touch with me, when I moved, to look after my parents who were in poor health? Well, they obviously weren't really true friends, or they would've been there for me even by email, when I felt like jumping into my dad's grave site when he died. I can't take aspirin because it upsets my stomach...I can't sleep because I feel so lost. I didn't make contingent plans for "after the parents died"...although I moved 700 miles to help them out. I just figured my "friends" and work contacts would be there for me. SO get back in touch with those you've lost touch with...even if it's just to say, "how are you?" (Unless they did something dreadful to you and you feel they don't deserve to ever hear from you). Sometimes you don't know what you had until you don't have it anymore. Going back to the quitting smoking, compute how much money you spend on that nasty habit. That might help. Then try to see how long you can go without a cigarette. That was the only way I could do it. I didn't tell a soul...because I didn't want them to say anything if I failed. After 3 months, I felt like I was in the clear...someone at work, came up to me and asked me if they could bum a cigarette...and I finally said, "Uh, no...I quit!" Suddenly all of these people looked at me, and they realized...the usual pack of cigs and lighter weren't sitting there on my desk. My coat didn't stink of cigarettes. And at least for me, I haven't even been tempted since. But that's just me. I love the smell of coffee...but it does upset my stomach, always had. Thought I could get high just off the smell! That I Should get a pt job at Starbucks...but again, as soon as my doctor said I needed an endoscopy (Where they put the tube down your throat to check for pre cancerous lesions and for stomach erosion, since certain foods always gave me heartburn, and naturally ulcers). NOT FUN. But aside from no more aspirin, my gastro doc also said, "no heavy meals", no fatty foods, no alcohol, no chocolate, get the drift? I'm too young to eat like I'm 80! Actually my uncle who is 80, eats better food than I do! But he doesn't smoke, yet he does have a pacemaker and alzheimer's disease. And what's really fun about smoking? By age 30, even though I was underweight, I had borderline hypertension, from a high stress job and...you got it...SMOKING! I've been told I'll be on calcium channel blockers for the hypertension for the rest of my life. NOT FUN! If you don't want to quit, don't, but at least cut back...the second hand smoke could be killing everyone around you. Sorry to be so mean, but you remind me of someone I know.
If a doctor recommended viagra, why didn't that doctor prescribe it? I think that there are some interactions with that drug which are potentially dangerous, and I also have heard it has a hangover effect for some people.
Lack of sleep can have so many causes, but stress is a good starting point. I don't mean this lightly, yoga is really the best way to re-start your system, if it's out of sync. You don't have to be good at it, or go to a class, or buy a yoga suit for $500. You can just do the best you can in your old jazzercize stuff, at home, and each time you do it, you will notice a difference. In your life. If that doesn't work, you probably need medicine and yoga.


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