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Hello folks. I'm looking for the perfect pillow. I slept on some old down pillows but they'd go flat. I tried a memory foam pillow and it gave me an instant headache. I tried a buckwheat and loved it but then my neck pain and headaches returned. So I tried a waterbase pillow - still same issues. I went to see a chiropractor and turns out I have an old fracture in my neck that I never knew about and my neck has reversed curvature. Whoa! Anyway, I'm going back to the chiropractor and getting treatment, but curious as to pillows folks have tried.

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I know of a pillow you might like, only I am concerned that it may give you headache issues. I was given a Technogel Deluxe pillow and have found it to be very comfortable. I had problems with the smell giving me headaches for a while, but over time, I stopped getting the headaches (I would suggest using a pillow mist to help with the smell, if you can tolerate them). You may want to consider it as an option, since it mimics the feeling of a memory foam pillow without going flat. Some of their pillows are a little thicker than others but they do have several designs to accomodate most. 

I hope you find this reply useful. I understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect pillow. I found that after giving this product some time, this was the pillow for me. 


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