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Sleep Appears to Aid Learning

Sleeping Helps With Memory Retention


Guzzling coffee and pulling an all-nighter cramming for an exam or presentation has been a necessary evil for many people at some point in time.  While most know that being extremely sleep-deprived harms mental performance, a recent study has found that sleeping actually aids in learning and memory formation.…


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Snoring the Number One Night Time Disturbance

Snoring is the #1 Nighttime Disturbance


According to a survey conducted for Etap Hotels, snoring is the number one nighttime disturbance, depriving bedmates of sleep and causing relationship problems. This issue is more prevalent than one might think: one in four couples admit they sleep in separate beds because of an unbearable habit like snoring.  One woman in Duncan, South…


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Driving drowsy as bad as drunk

Drowsy Drivers: The Unspoken Road Danger


Drunk driving has claimed many innocent lives, and advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving are committed to "increasing public awareness and creating social change in the attitude and behavior toward drunk driving."  While a lot of progress has been made in this landscape, there is another major cause of car accidents that goes widely unmentioned.


One out of every six…


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Why Americans are Among the Most Sleepless People in the World

Sleepless in Seattle, and New York and San Francisco...


A recent global survey conducted by the Phillips Center for Health and Well-Being found that Americans are among the world's leaders in sleep deprivation, along with the French and Taiwanese. In fact, New York City was listed as the most sleep-deprived major city in the world.


A majority of Americans reported they don't get enough sleep because they…


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GRsoft Labs Launches Innovative Snore Inspector

For most snorers the closest thing to a simple, accessible snoring alert program has been the accidental elbow jabbing of a bedmate, or perhaps the excessively loud throat clearing of a fellow traveler.  Until now.  GRsoft Labs has launched Snore Inspector, an application built for iPhones, iPads and iPods to track and alert the user of nightly snoring.

Read more…


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Insufficient Sleep Thwarts Weight Loss Efforts

Many people can relate to the trials and tribulations of attempting to lose weight, especially during and after the holiday season.  This year, instead of fruitcake and eggnog, treat yourself to a couple extra hours of sleep each night, it could actually help your waistline.

Researchers have concluded that lack of sleep compromises the success of dieting in two distinct ways.  Studies…


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When sleep apnea masquerades as dementia

Trouble concentrating and diminished memory can be classic symptoms of dementia – however, they could also be symptoms of sleep apnea, in disguise. A woman complained of these same symptoms when she visited an Alzheimer’s specialist at the Mayo Clinic, and although the woman was only in her 60s, the doctor agreed that she was probably developing dementia.

When asked about her quality of sleep, she reported that she hadn’t noticed any problems, but fortunately her son noted that she…


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Turbinate Coblation – Will it work for me?

When we discuss the various procedures used at Sereno Center to mitigate or eliminate snoring with a patient, we often recommend a combination of procedures to obtain the best possible result. Frequently, this will include a procedure known as…


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Popular Snore Aids – Do They Work?

Few medical conditions are as ubiquitous and potentially disastrous as snoring. Nearly half of us snore, and all of us know someone who snores, or have our own amusing snoring anecdotes (“He had to move his tent to the outskirts of the campgrounds because his snoring was so loud, people were reporting a bear loose in the area.”). In truth, snoring is no laughing matter and has been linked to a number of very serious medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and increases in… Continue

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CPAP - Is it my only option?

If you are currently using a CPAP mask, you need no explanation as to

some of its drawbacks—the inconvenience, intrusion on intimacy and

sometimes frequent disruptions to sleep caused by the noise emitted by

the machine. Many patients feel that the CPAP, or Continuous Positive

Airway Pressure mask, is simply replacing one problem (snoring or

obstructive sleep apnea) with another (lifestyle issue created by the

device itself) as the mask doesn’t actually alleviate… Continue

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Technological Advancements in the Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

This blog was originally posted on June 4, 2010 on Sereno's Blog.

How Sereno, the Center for Snoring Solutions, is helping patients utilize advancements in sleep medicine

As featured in…


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6 sleep facts on how lack of sleep can affect your body.

This blog was originally posted on April 28, 2010 by Dr. Matthew Mingrone.

  1. Poor quality of life and Problems in Relationships: Sleep-deprived patients frequently report that their quality of life suffers. People cut back on the activities they enjoy because…

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Lose Weight = No Snoring

Our top three snoring misconceptions for this series:

  1. Snoring doesn't affect me, it just bothers my bedmate.
  2. I don't think a "simple fix" will actually work. And I don't want to change my lifestyle or undergo a painful surgery.
  3. All I need…

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Simple Fixes

Continuing from our Snoring Misconceptions from last week, this week we have:

I don't think a "simple fix" will actually work. And I don't want to change my lifestyle or undergo a painful surgery.

There's a big difference between a snorer who just snores and one who also suffers from a serious health condition like severe Obstructive…


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snoring misconceptions

I've seen a lot of patients in the past 10 years and heard just about every misconception about snoring that can make people reluctant to seek treatment. I plan to cover a variety of misconceptions and the truth behind them. One of them might strike a chord with you and make you rethink that it's possible to solve your snoring problem (or someone you love).

This week:

Snoring doesn't affect me, it just bothers my bedmate.…


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In the Beginning: Debbie’s Story

The word “snoring” might sound silly to you. It’s a source of plenty of jokes, cartoons and bloopers. But for most people personally affected by snoring, it isn’t funny at all. It’s a pervasive problem that causes embarrassment, relationship troubles, struggles at work, lower quality of life, and serious health issues. That is the harsh reality of snoring. And that’s the one that we, at Sereno, understand and devoted ourselves to improving over a year ago.

It’s hard to laugh… Continue

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